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Thanks, dear reader, for stopping by! Happy New Year!

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In 2019, my blog saw roughly 14,000 views from 122 different countries spanning every continent but Antartica. If you happen to know someone in Antarctica, I’d appreciate it if you could get them to stop by and comment on something for 2020. Even if you don’t know anyone in Antarctica, you could move there, but that’s likely too much to ask. Anyway, comments are always welcome from any part of the globe.

This post is meant to make finding things within this blog a little easier by providing an index.

There were three main topics that I dealt with in 2019.

Informal Lessons on Stories, Storytelling, & Their Use in Creating Value.

Essays about contemporary politics and psychology.

Book II of The Myths of the Veritas.

I began with a series of expository posts on stories and storytelling. These were associated with a design course I taught at the University of California, San Diego. These informal articles should prove useful for business leaders, writers, and particularly for those in HCI, UX, design, Human Factors and related fields. Stories are useful throughout the design, development, and deployment of systems and services. Below is an index to those informal papers on stories and storytelling.



The Story of Story: 1

The Story of Story: 2

The Story of Story: 3

The Story of Story: 4 (Character)

Using Story in Design – 1

Using Story in Design – 2

Using Story in Design – 3

Using Story in Design – 4

Using Story in Design – 5

The second major class of posts are essays. Mainly, these essays have been inspired by actual 2019 events, large and small. Beyond the immediate danger of Trump, there are also additional essays and these are indexed below as well.

What’s Wrong with People, Anyway?

Essays on America: You Bet Your Life!

Doing the Dishes.

Essays on America: Winning by Cheating is Losing. It is not Winning

Corn on the Cob (An Essay on Gratitude).

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Essays on America: How do you Re-culture a Culture? 


Essays on America: Declaration of Interdependence

Essays on America: Labelism

Essays on America: Wimbledon 

Essays on America: Wednesday

Essays on America: Mueller Time?

Finding the Mustard

Essays on America: A Tale of Two Nannies

Essays on America: A Little is not a Lot.


Essays on America: Ice.

Essays on America: The Game

Essays on America: “At Least he’s our Monster!”

A Once-Baked Potato

baked potatoes with rosemary garnish

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Essays on America: A Profound and Utter Failure

Essays on America: Sexual Fantasies for Political Gain? 

Horror Story

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Essays on America: Level the Playing Field 

Interview with Giant Slug

Essays on America: RIP, GOP.

Essays on America: “It’s Just Tommy being Tommy.”

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Essays on America: “It’s your call!

Essays on America: Beware of Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing.

Essays on America: The Screaming Defense

Essays on America: Rejecting Adulthood

The final class of posts are fictional. With the last post of 2019, I finished Book Two of The Myths of the Veritas. These will be indexed tomorrow in a separte post.


Next year, I will finish the trilogy of The Myths of the Veritas in the blog. I also plan to publish four books next year. Two of these will be the first two books of The Myths of the Veritas.

A different book will comprise a Pattern Language for Collaboration and Teamwork. The fourth book will be Essays on America. 

All of these should be available on Amazon.

Happy New Year!!

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