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flag of america

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America —
The country I love.
The dream that was my dream.

My father wounded

(Shrapnel black gash, ankle to knee)

In the war against the
Tyranny of Hitler,
That Great Liar,
That Ultimate Cynic,
Playing on the Fears of the Masses.


Who knew?
Who knew how easily a great Nation
Could be Lost?
We cannot see the forest.
We cannot see the trees.
We can only see the bushes
And the rushes, all around the slime.

Lost, as a leaf that waffles in the wind,
Lost, as a steep plunge into a swimming pool
Waterless, despite the golden promises.


Plummeting from World Leader
To World Bleeder.
Leech and Destroyer of God’s Green Earth.


Just maybe,
All is not quite lost.
Just maybe,
We can rekindle the real dream.
We can live up to
Jefferson and Franklin
We can live up to
Abraham Lincoln
And the patriots who died
To set us free,
To build a nation:
Of the people
(Not the special interests)
By the people
(Not by the dollar-soaked lies)
For the people
(Not the oil barons).


We might just make it,
You and I.
We might just make it
Once again.

Posterity will remember
Long after mere prosperity
Has faded into nothing.

It’s worth a try,
After a long cry,
To stitch together the broken pieces
Of the lost dream.

architecture art clouds landmark

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Oh, America, wake up!
Oh, Americans.
After all, it is ours.
It is our country.
Let’s reclaim it.
Let’s name it
Once again:

daylight forest glossy lake

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