About PeterSIronwood


PeterSIronwood is a pen name (along with “truthtable”) of John Charles Thomas. I am a psychologist by training and spent most of my work life working in “Human Computer Interaction.” I am concerned about what appears to be increasing divisiveness in America as well as in other parts of the world. On the one hand, our species has come a long way in what is essentially an evolutionary eye blink. On the other hand, we are headed toward ecological disaster and instead of pulling together to solve that problem, some small subset of people seem to be intent on leveraging their wealth and power to *prevent* a solution and to garner yet more power and wealth for themselves. I think that it is not too late for the vast majority of us to work together to fix our collective problems — but it won’t be easy. My philosophy of the blog is not to present fully formed solutions to complex problems but simply to relate my personal experiences and analyses in the hope that others can work with me.

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1 thought on “About PeterSIronwood”

  1. Hey Peter/John, thanks for following my blog. Yours is very thought provoking. I love that!

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