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His whispers seemed so warm and seductive, breathing into her ear: “Come on, it will be nice.  I can protect you.  Give me the keys.”

Lady Liberty, scared, but determined, shook her mighty head, “No.”

The warm breath of the seducer blew on the ear of Lady Justice.  “I need more power.  Then we’ll all be safe.”

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Lady Justice might be blind, but she knew this voice well.  She had heard similar voices in ancient Egypt, in Imperial Rome, in all ages and places.  The languages changed but the message was the same.  “Hand me your freedom.  Just a little.  And I can make you safe.”  Inevitably, of course, there were invasions, plagues, earthquakes and hurricanes and people were not safe.  The voice said, “Yes, that was too bad.  But, you see, you didn’t give me quite enough of your freedom.  Give me just a little more and I can keep you safe.” Lady Justice and Lady Liberty had learned to see these lies for what they were.

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The Bill of Rights, the Separation of Powers — these are some of the master keys to America (though many citizens think the master keys are baseball and fireworks and grilled hamburgers so that giving up freedom wouldn’t mean all that much).  The Ladies though; they have been around the block a few times.  Thank God. 


Listen to the Ladies. Listen to them well.


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