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For Valentines Who Feel Alone

I’m digging in the science zone

A place unlikely you might think

To find a touch that’s soft and kind

To substitute for kiss or wink;

But here’s what floats into my mind:

If once you loved and now love’s done, 

I tell you that it’s never done.

The lover’s kiss forever lingers

So too the madly roaming fingers. 

But Love is more than memory’s touch

It’s also wind and rain and such:

The breeze, the bird, the buzzing bee

The rose and blooming cherry tree

Your love and lovers are in these.

Forever round the atoms go

So why not love the rain, the breeze? 

Of course there’s pain yet even so—

Cold winter stings of snow and ice

Yet warmth of heart’s recall is nice. 

Each bird and beast of earth is kin.

From birth we’re taught our clan is thin.

But life, in truth, is all One Tree.

We’re all connected, don’t you see?

Photo by Cindy Gustafson on Pexels.com

Alone is how we’re trained to feel. 

To stare at plastic, cash and steel. 

While all around us: Family. 

Love every creature large or small.

We choose our love’s diameter.

It’s something you may choose to do:

So, you can choose to love it all. 

Or, keep your circle very small.

You get to pick parameter.

Your sphere of loving? Up to you.

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