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We dance our green, 

We dance our blue, 

We dance our gold, 

Our dance is true and big and bold.

Our dance is seen

Unseen, unsold, 

It grows its widening arc. 

All around the love-filled globe.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Some prefer the sun

And some prefer the strobe.

And some prefer the dark.

It’s all a part of rainbow’s arc. 

The music is the blossoms and the blooms.

The joy jumps in arching rooms

Beneath the sky on windswept plains;

Beneath the pour of cleansing rains. 

Jungle deeps and bright bazaars, 

Piano, flute, and gold guitars. 

Photo by Prime Cinematics on Pexels.com

The people’s joy won’t be contained;

Creativity is not constrained. 

Trust and love and gratitude 

Fill skies once filled with smoke and choke and attitude. 

Elders, children, even dogs and cats, 

Begin to join us in our song. 

Begin to join our growing throng. 

A thousand soon becomes a million strong. 

A million grows to billions and erelong, 

We garden back the planet once we trashed. 

We weave together what we smashed.

The steps are small;

But dance is all; 

Soon, everyone is standing tall.

As all are dancing, all for all. 

We can do this, you and me.

We and all humanity.

Wake at last from stupid war.

Enjoy instead what life is for.

We can do this, you and me.

We and all humanity.

Just Frends Dance Academy by Marina Moldovan is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

We can dance in maize and blue. 

It’s just what we are meant to do. 

Help and learn and farm, invent.

War is something we’ll prevent. 


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