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There’s a teeny little bird

And he’s sittin’ in a tree

And he thinks that he’s the cutest thing

That ever there could be

But he’s really quite absurd.

He’s never learned to truly sing.

His feathers all awry,

He isn’t very spry;

He cackles like a jackal.

Like a wounded pterodactyl, 

He whizzes on his wing.

And fails and flails at everything.

There’s a teeny tiny bird

Who sits atop my fountain. 

He screams he’s on a mountain

But he’s really quite absurd.

He cannot speak one loving word. 

He keeps on countin’ countin’ countin.’

He gawks and stalks the birdie girls

Who are hardly more than chicks. 

He squawks and talks and hurls

Hate and fear and bloated ticks.

He overlooks the very thing

That could have let his melodies ring.

This most have known for ages past:

It isn’t screaming hate or flying fast.

It’s loving all of every hue;

Whether black or white or red or blue.

Then the song itself turns true. 

And all return the love to you.

The song of sweet with every beat

Now ripples with fountain’s bleat,

Echoes from the mountain peak.

Tickling back upon the beak 

The world wide, the answer’s known.

No-one wins from a louder groan. 

There’s a teeny little bird

And he’s sittin’ in a tree.

At last, he sings eternally. 

It seems at last, he knows the Word. 

Some say “Life” and some say “Love.” 

Some say both — when sung in harmony. 

Let’s sing each to each in harmony. 

Let’s make this earth a better place.

Not only for the human race. 

Let’s remake Eden where we each can be.

Let’s sing “Love!”; Let’s sing “Life!” Let’s sing “Grace!”

Let’s sing in perfect harmony!

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