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My puppy is a thief! Good grief! Good grief!

Good grief! Good grief! My puppy is a thief! 

I knew about the accidents 

And needing to be often fed. 

I guessed the rugs might have their rents; 

Supposed much work, but no-one said:

“She’ll steal your heart, your heart away! 

A lot at first — then, more each day.” 

She’s packaged up in fur of brown.

She barks and cries but doesn’t frown. 

A treasure trove in every leaf 

She’d eat a stone if I’d allow;

An endless store of grief, in brief. 

Yet every moment shouts: “Hallow!”

As though each second is a gift

That glides into the next sans rift. 

[Sadie sculpted this likeness in bark with her bite. ]

And all the while her Sadie smile 

Beguiles my heart and steals my soul

She pulls ahead an endless mile;

Each molecule that’s in her bowl

Will soon become a part of her:

Her boundless spring’s harmonic whirr. 

She’s tells me in each panting breath: 

“We’re not here long so make the most.

Before that icy wind of death.”

No time regret or silly boast. 

Each life is precious and unique

And every life connects to each

The actions of us all should seek

To love, to see and then to reach

The vibrant core of Life’s vast tree; 

To see in each — Divinity.

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