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Today is Sonnet Sunday once again 

And yet — 

A sonnet seems too stiff and stuppy 

To talk about a brand new puppy. 

Sadie’s here

She’s here 

                                    SHE’S THERE

                                                                     Sadie here as well


Sadie seems 

To be both here and there 

And everywhere. 

Like a self-promoting yahoo yuppy. 

Through the long dark night, she strives to keep us uppy

And when I get my morning coffee cuppy

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

Sadie wants to turn it downside uppy

Our furniture is under “l’attaque d’puppy”

After bearing all the catty claws

(Cats are good ignoring laws)

Tattered cushions on the edges

Launching lethally from ledges

The stoic chairs now become 

Just another source of chewy bome

Now Sadie finds her sleepy time 

A poementary rhythm rhyme

As all her joyous moments seem to be

A trick I hope she hopes to teach to me.


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