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It’s easy to do what you’ve recently done. 

It’s easy to claim, when you’ve lost, that you’ve won. 

It’s easy to join with an unthinking club 

It’s easy to wield a thick thoughtless club.

It’s easy to mindlessly stomp and to scream 

And pick up a lethal and love-killing gun. 

It’s easy to thoughtlessly throat-rending scream 

And claim you’ve not lost, but you’ve magically won. 

It’s painful to think that you’ve ever been wrong. 

It’s easier to march in that grey faceless throng; 

Encourage the worst of the worst of the worst;

To dream that the worst will at last be the first.

Keep spoiling the rottenest, most brutish child.

Encourage the lies of the clueless cult clown,

Exulting the thugs who stormed and defiled.

They pulled on the ropes to tear Liberty down.

And cancer’s a foe that can easily spread 

Sweet lies are as candy among the misled. 

And grabbing a blindfold & muffling the ears

The anger’s the drug that squelches all fears. 

It takes much more courage to take a good look

Consider your choices and think what is right. 

To cleanse off the lies and the slime of the crook.

Not worship gold idol instead seek the light.  

The courage you need is to see that the Klan — 

The one you belong to is one you should ban.

Instead join up with the band that has fun

Instead join up with the one that loves sun.

Whatever your instrument, rhythm or rhyme

With us you’ll have a better time.

Whatever your game, I know some of us play.

Whatever you worship, that is here too.

Whatever you wear and what makes for your day.

To join actual winners is what you can do.



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