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Accused of sex harassing, 

Instead of answering any question. 

Instead he kept just right on passing.

Instead he claimed that wee willy winky 

Was massive as a child’s pinky.


Resented, he, the mere suggestion

That he would speak of pubic hairs,

His lies were clear to all to see.

But hey, it’s masculinity!

Since he’s a man who really cares?! 

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He set the stage for Kavalier 

A piece of work who sure likes beer!

Accused of more than one assault 

He turned a logic summersault!

“My calendar is clearly clear!

No single rape is mentioned here!” 

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Emboldened by success so far, 

The right endorsed Handmaiden Joke 

She after all had passed the bar! 

And that’s enough for any bloke!  

Reverse at last the liberal line!

All that matters: Rule Divine! 

The Handmaiden by POWSTER Creative Studio, Florian Pollet, Sylvain Kellaway is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

Clarence Thomas moaned and stated: 

“The Court Supreme is cream of cream!

Political? It’s surely not!

We void elections; that’s our dream! 

I always side with autocrat!

Democracy? It’s so outdated!” 

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Hypocrisy: It’s Finest Day

At last it came with Attitude. 

As wifey Gin would tweet and pray:

“Dictatorship’s so cool because

It guarantees ineptitude.

It thrives on lies; And hate? —  Its claws.”

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Clarence Thomas had a chance

To rectify his sinful stance.

Instead he claimed: “No bias here!

Here’s a list of every sin!

As you can see no wife in here!

That proves I’m right and so I win!” 

Then came spring without a bud.

Then came music that’s only a thud.

Then came press as free as a dodo.

Then came illness far and wide.

A Civil War from our divide. 

Subverting the law is just a no-no. 

Then the water streaked with lead, 

Then the air stunk all of rot.

Then the food came tainted, dead.

Then ugly lies were all we got.

Too late then to give a damn. 

Don’t look up, Sam I am. 

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This is the way Democracy dies.
This is the way Democracy dies.
This is the way Democracy dies.
Not with a bang but a wimp-out. 

“Houston, we have a problem.”



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