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Sonnet Sunday 

As a ploy to prod productivity, I often write with a different “theme” or “genre” for every day of the week. Today is “Sonnet Sunday.” The basic idea is to write a sonnet every Sunday. Lately, in light of the Extreme Court ruling that states cannot enact laws that abridge the rights of guns but they are free to enact laws to abridge the rights of women, I decided that instead of the traditional five feet in every line of the sonnet, I would put an extra foot everywhere it doesn’t belong — just like the Extreme Court. So, instead of writing in iambic pentameter, I’m going for iambic hexameter. 


Fertilized human egg above. Having trouble seeing it? Look more carefully! It’s a person, a person with more rights than you have. Unless, you’re a guy, of course.

You ever see Alito’s photograph with egg?

I speak of human egg of course: unscrambled dot.

Or, even posed with toddler twins who peed his leg? 

He does not shed a tear nor care a shriveled shot

Photo by Min Thein on Pexels.com

For fetus, females, Constitutionality. 

He cites authority of judges from the past.

The six-teen hundreds! Where is rationality?!

We need to balance idiocracy real fast!

You ever see Alito’s nine month pregnant pouch? 

He’s never even been a woman, right? Nor, fan.

Without an ounce of understanding, from his couch,

He beckons to the darkest beast in every man.

Don’t let a man who’s never felt a female’s heart

Dictate to you what’s straight enough, nor tear apart. 


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