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So, I went down to Del Mar beach today.

I built a castle all of sand today. 

The tide came in and washed it all away. 

Perhaps, I’ll build another one some day.

“But what’s the point,” I hear you laugh and say. 

“The tide will come once more. Why build today?”

True enough, 

Life is tough.

Castles made of sand don’t last. 

They fall if they become too wet.

Indeed, if sun makes them too dry. 

They fall if they are kicked by bully

They fall if stumbled into fully.

And, yet —- 

Not so fast!

Is that a cause for tears to cry?

Does not each castle fall at last? 

Does not each tower stone or steel

Become a ruin grown o’er by vine? 

Into vinegar turns the wine?

Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

Our smartest plans to check and slay

Forgotten on some distant day. 

It’s not that turrets will forever stay. 

The point is that the play itself’s the Way.

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