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Something there is that doesn’t love a meeting.

I could say “elves” — but I think “selves” may be

Closer to the mark. We might walk along the river.

We could sit around my oaken kitchen table.

We could gasp in cold and driving rain and laugh

Beneath an overhang as thunder rounded under.

We might take a darkish corner of a happy pub

Sketch out worlds to conquer, castles to build;

Order another pitcher of Guinness or Sam Adams.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

But the formal corporate tables – row on row –

Are cookie-cuttered, soul-guttered, flat.

Inside the gray walls, the gray points are made.

One by one the problems raised, dissected,

And out upon the table laid. That’s that. 

If the world outside is sun and rainbow rain,

It’s all just too Crayola for the corporate brain.

Chart of Acronym, Chart of Org, Chart of Plan.

Chart of Acronym, Chart of Org, Chart of Plan.

And all the while, a child grows; a world flows. 

Vines laugh their magic miracle of transmutation:

Water into wine. Sun shafts energy into raindrops:

Outside, a prism of possibilities seen and unseen

Is painted for our pleasure. Inside, our insight fades. 

But someday soon, I may open up the windows

And let the rainbows in. Would that really be a sin? 

Or, might the colors flash those numbers into life?

Might the living flesh of nature help us see?

Dissolve the strife? Prevent the strike? May be.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

You like to think you know yourself all too well.

But maybe — just perhaps, you cannot tell. 

Spring may put a notion in your head too:

A meeting out of doors where people talked 

Of how things really are and then we’d dream a bit

Of how things then might really come to pass. You, yourself,

Might just open up that flat gray glass and 

Let the Rainbows in! Let the Rainbows in! 


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