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It seemed your path had just begun;

Yet here you are again, again

Another trip around the sun.

Playing out your heart to win.

When you move & check & slay

I hope you save some time for play. 

At end of day, who can say, 

They’ve truly won? The truth, I say: 

We’re all just one. We’re one.

If all the joy you ever feel 

Is when you hold the golden prize,

You’ve missed the real within the deal;

You’ve missed the deal within what’s real. 

Surprise! Surprise! 

You could instead find joyous joy 

In every move; in every shot. 

You need not be a dull robot;

You need not play the useful toy. 

All it takes is letting be

In life’s essential ecstasy. 

It’s all there is — yet quite enough.

It’s not about acquired stuff 

In the attic, coats of dust, 

Nothing but a coat of “must.” 

Feel your leafness in Life’s Tree. 

You be you and I’ll be me. 

Your mind is useful in a pinch;

Don’t let it steer your every inch.

He and she? — all part of we 

Exploring all Infinity; 

Sharing Life’s discovery;

Each being each our eachest each 

Extends our reach while teachers teach. 

Be the Hamlet! Eat that peach!

In every dance, you’ll feel romance. 

In every glance, you’ll seize your chance.

In every blade of grass you’ll see,

Lurking there: Divinity.

Life is a dance

Take a glance & join the dance

Math Class: Who are you?