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There was a door that lacked a key;

There was a box without a door;

Insoluble viewed as mystery…

Yet here’s the truth at very core:

You are not inside that cell 

No. You are outside — outside it all. 

The only thing? You bought the “SELL!”

Inside you? The only wall. 

Inside of you? The Master key. 

Unlock yourself to all of Life, 

You can learn beyond humanity.

You’ll help end the endless strife. 

Unlock your thoughts & preconceptions 

As best you can and you will see

A hundred paths and new perceptions!

Life is there for you to be.

Don’t waste your time on triviality;

Embrace instead infinity.


Here’s a link to a chapter from “The Myths of the Veritas” which relates the same puzzle in a different form: https://petersironwood.com/2020/11/18/two-boxes-each-contains-the-other-boxs-key/

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