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Photo by Kristin Vogt on Pexels.com

To see the earth in vast expanse,

That far forge of crimson fire,

Miles of cloudiflower faces, mewling Maine Coon cats,

Puppies romping and the grinning cheeks of witches, 

Waves and waves – a host of golden waffledills. 

Photo by paul voie on Pexels.com

Above the smoky wisps,

I spy the wink of evening star. 

Then, she shyly sheds her veil, 

And still, still I see the endless sunset:

Ruby opalescences 

Knife-blade thin along the margin of the sea sky scape.

Photo by Izaac Elms on Pexels.com


This is no escape, but a plunge

Into the very midst of it all. 

My eyes hurt, but I forget to blink.

Alice, Alice, what you dreamed, I live — 

For there below me lies the earth in vast expanse.

Huge frogs, gigantic prawns,

Rhinos chasing Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

So much we take for granted.

What would my grandfather’s grandfather have given for

This moment?

Or this, or this?

Ever on it goes. 

Sailing on this sea of air, the very air we breathe,

Toward vacation or catastrophe. 

That first, the evening star

Winkling, twinkling her eye at me again through her veil, 

Ogling me with lust;

Then, with cold appraising passion

Through the porthole of the 757.

Photo by Vitor Almeida on Pexels.com

On wings of steel,

On wings of steel, 

I ride my metal steed!

I follow the sunset!

I sing the body electric! 

It may be indeed that these are the worst of times.

But it may be too that these are the best of times. 

What do you think, Merlin? 


(An earlier version of this poem appeared in World’s Strand: An International Anthology of Poetry. ISBN 3-934285 55-4)

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