If you go gliding on a dream, Sir, 

You’d better know the weather, wouldn’t you say?

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If you’re biding your time, Sir, 

Waiting for a better day, 


To come and make it all:




Everything must be breezier! 

It seems so on TV! 

Easy Peasie If you Pleasie

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But if you’re gliding on a dream, Ma’am,

You must know and not-know 

You must see and not-see

You must love and not-love.

(Or, so I’ve been told). 

Be bold.

Maybe you were never meant to be enrolled

In the School of Division.

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What good is precision,

After all, when you are answering entirely

Most assuredly, most completely, 

The wrong question entirely?

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And, yet we are given glimpses, are we not?
A nod, just, here and there. That there might indeed,

May be connection without the necessary knot.
We will see ourselves at last as same-treed.

We really don’t have to chew on the skulls of enemies 

To get what we want in this life.
It’s just a way of thinking — a limited way of thinking 

A way of really stinking up the works for all and shrinking 

The pie for everyone in a pathetic attempt

To take more than a fair share. 

So, if you care attentively

Please entertain for a moment or two

That what’s good for me —

Could also be good for you! 

Astounding truth, the Sea is parted! 

The Way is clear!

Everything Floats.

And, then, the Dream Glider sets you down upon the ground again and 

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Maybe it never really happened and of course how could there be you would have to change your life and that’s a pain so you’d really rather not think about it and you’ll just parrot back the words of …

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But somewhere underneath all that plastic, 

You saw the truth; You know the truth. Fantastic.

You know we’re all in this together; 

And not just the birds of a feather.

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Listen! You can hear the echoes of your actions

Imagine all the people

The only them that counts is all of us


You Know!

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