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“But, Doc, she can’t be really dead.

It’s all most surely in her head.

This Pandemic’s all a hoax.”

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It’s not my style for telling jokes

Spewing lies and swill to kill 

(Oh, yes, oh yes, lies surely will!). 

A funny kind of funky freedom

To owe your soul to Tweedledum

And give your body to disease

Enslaved & doing as you please

Or so you think.  It’s so absurd

To disavow a doctor’s word 

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But think that talk show hosts are sane.

“Don’t tell me that they rot my brain.

Aside from cash, they’ve naught to gain.”

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So, on we go to chapter four.

Where selfishness is de rigueur.

Those who scream the loudest score.

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Democracy is shaken more

Than simply stirred. It’s time to pour

Your heart and soul into the fray—

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Or Nazi crews will win the day;

Ineptitude and treason sway;

As Putin smiles his work to see.

But we can still show unity. 

And touch a touch of sanity.  

Restore our sense of dignity. 

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Rebuild our country full of love.

Kick away the thrown glove.

See the land as though above. 

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That we all differ? — That’s our soul! 

We must recall our journey’s goal. 

Diversity! It makes us whole! 

Outside forces force our hand

Trying to destroy our lovely land. 

But you and I and everyone 

Don’t have to play one for one.

Our common fight for freedom’s fun. 

And, one fine day, pandemic done,

We’ll all shun GRUesome treachery;

We’ll shun the grime of lechery;

Instead, adults will opt for good. 

We always knew we should and could.

You’ll be amazed what we can do:

When all of each and each of you

Together seek the light that’s true. 


Roar, Ocean, Roar

Imagine all the people

Opponent is not an enemy

Comes the reign

The only them that counts is all of us

At least he’s our monster

Plans for us some GRUesome

The isle of right

I can’t be bothered

Walkabout diaries racism is absurd

Walkabout diaries Life will find a way

That cold walk home

How did I get here?

That first time is so special

What about the butter dish?

The stopping rule

Where does your loyalty lie?

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