Today when we were playing tennis the ball flew out of the court and rolled between the wall and the fence. No-one could get it out. Notice: I said “No-one” — but when I worked together with someone on the other team, he lifted up the fence an inch and I pushed it out with my racquet. 

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Prior to Trump, I thought that’s what politics was like in America. Different teams working within a common framework. My opponents are not my “enemy” — and if the rules of the game are put aside and truth does not matter and whoever has the most power gets to demand victory no matter what the score is…? What’s the point of playing? 

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Self-quarantining in a fashion, I suppose.

Despite their fights, their fondness grows.

Don’t you wish that I could teach what each of us already knows?

How to hold a grudge forever and forever and forever and a day.

Instead, they seek and find another way to play.

Thank God we’re so much smarter, eh?

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