(It’s easy to get confused after someone has told you 22,000 lies. I thought I might just put together one of the many threads. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe a series? The theme of this one is the continuing and widespread contradiction between a man pretending to be an upstanding “Law and Order” person yet that same man continues to spend most of his energy hiding and lying about what he’s doing defying, tradition, the Constitution, the courts and Congress).

DJT: “I’m perfect! I’m perfect!
I’m a business genius! Don’t let anyone see my finances!

Don’t let them test my DNA for a rape case! I’m innocent!

Don’t let anyone in the US government find out what I’m talking to Putin about! Don’t have me come and testify in criminal investigations! Don’t let anyone else in the White House come to Congress and testify under oath!

I’m perfect! I have nothing to hide! I’ll sue any school who releases a transcript of my grades!I I’m a stable genius! I’ve nothing to hide.

I pay money to porn star partners not to reveal anything. And, then I use the power of the Presidency to cover it up! But there’s nothing to hide! Nothing to see here! Look over there!

Look at the people looting! Look at the people who look different from you! Look at them! Don’t look at ME! No need! I’m perfect!

Here! Look at this me as you imagine your hero be: strong, healthy, competent, good looking.
Don’t see the confused, frail, obese, bald, old guy I really am.
No, you can’t see my medical records!
I’m fine. I’m better than fine! I told my doctor to say I was the fittest President in history! No need to see my medical records!

Don’t listen to the truth! You can’t bear the truth! Listen to me instead!”

Photo by BROTE studio on Pexels.com

Perhaps this purely fictional series about a child sociopath will shed some light on how this man thinks.

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