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wildlife photography of tiger

Photo by Sayantan Kundu on Pexels.com

You gave me no fangs.

You gave me no wings.

You gave me no claws.

Just a bag full of flaws,

And leftover things.

photo of boy in black and red collared shirt

Photo by Mike Sangma on Pexels.com

You favored my brothers;

You favored the others,

Left me only these brains

To fend off the beasts

And fend off the rains.

person riding a bicycle during rainy day

Photo by Genaro Servu00edn on Pexels.com

Cainly, I search and destroy

All my brothers and sisters alike.

With an efficient surgical strike;

Pop them to bits like a bustable toy.

police army commando special task force

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on Pexels.com

I chew off my paw,

But see if I care.

It’s the Law, the Law,

Though my cupboard grows bare.

abstract blue clean container

Photo by jamie he on Pexels.com

I foul my teeny, self-built cage,

But I don’t know & I don’t care.

I’m all in, in a self-imposed rage,

And nowise will dare to learn to share.

baby child close up crying

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Unbalanced and crazed, my genius so stable

I comfort myself with a reckless fable:

That Father will Save me, Save me at last

If I destroy it all in a nuclear blast.


You seem so bewildered and oh, so amazed,

That I’m so unfit; so  roundly unstable,

Yet, I’m the one whom you ceaselessly hazed

Then pushed away me from the well-stocked table.

cooked pie

Photo by kelvin carris on Pexels.com

Mother, you made me; you made me this way.

Stay and play for the final slay.

I’m loonery toonery sure as I’m shootin’!

Lunatic Fringe? You’re damned well tootin’!

woman with face paint with pumpkin

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

So here I go with my terminal act.

Self-destructive and as fat as a fact.

We could’ve had earth as an Eden instead

But I guess I’d rather be greedy — and dead.

photography of maple trees

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com


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