You must remember

How beautiful 

How precious

Once the world was

If it all goes rotten

It still must not be forgotten

How beautiful and green

How precious and clean

Once the world was

Write it down

Photograph it 

Paint it

Tell your children

And your children’s children

Sing a song

A catchy tune

Memorize and sing it often 

All may go and all too soon

But you

You must recall the sky of blue

The clean and crystal air

You must dare

Build it into every brick

Remind your cats and dogs

Sing it with the birds 

Buzz it with the bees

You must remember

How precious

How beautiful 

Once the world was 

Once the world was 

Teeming with the Great Tree of Life

Reaching its long branches into 

Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

Even into caves and deserts

Even into arctic snow

And even though 

I know the Tree is greatly damaged

In the daze of neon

In the days of useless plastic 

And truth denied, elastic 

Even so, you must teach the others

Nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers

How once the world was

Precious and beautiful

You must be sure to remember

And to sing of it

Often and in many ways

Through the din of days

Paint it always 

Pictures in the sky of thought

Music in the bread of naught 

Some day

Long after you and I 

And all you know are dead and unburied 

Tree by leaf and leaf by rose

Someone needs to know

How beautiful

How precious 

How utterly alive 

Once the world was


In all the precious places

And in all the secret spaces

Tell at least two 

What you knew

How beautiful 

How precious 

Once the world was 

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