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Photo by Izaac Elms on Pexels.com

He cheats on tax; destroys lives.

He lies on tape and cheats on wives.

The smartest man there ever was!

His brain is filled with orange fuzz

He tells the truth like no-one does!

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

He’s the one I love to follow

‘Cause inside his soul is hollow.

He cheats his donors, owners, wives.

He likes to bully; ruin lives.

He’ll cheat and rant and scream and rave;

That has to show he’s big and brave! 

He’s never ever fought a battle, 

He’d have to drop his favorite rattle.

He shows me how I have to be:

Ingesting bleach and drinking pee.

The smartest man there’ll ever be! 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

His butt is made of solid gold! 

Everyone should join his fold! 

He is the Christ reborn! Foretold!

I’ll send him cash; I’ll pawn my stash!

I know what’s what; I’m never rash!

I know he’s not a con! Oh my!

He’s victimized by FBI!

The FDA, the EPA, 

The NSA, and CIA, 

All are out to get this guy!

Once he’s king we’ll have free beer.

And open season on anyone queer

Or one with eyes of different slant,

Or one who doesn’t love his rant.

Or one who doesn’t love his lies

Or one who won’t eat baby flies. 

In fact, it seems, that all must die

But that’ll be worth it to save his lie!

He’s such a winner he cannot lose. 

He’ll give us gold & bullion and booze! 

I’ll send him each and every dime,

‘Cause now at last it’s Putin’s time.


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