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Hai-Cat-Ku for You

Frankly staring eyes

Gently lead me to surmise:

Evolution’s wise.

Cats are cats; that’s that.

Her pleasures: Sun, Food, Lap, Nap —

All black shadow cat.

On high alert, she 

Lives as now as possibly:

Nature teaching me.  

Kitchen cats remind

My mind magicality

Seek and I will find.

Orange blaze would laze

All day in sun’s warmish rays —

Sadly sunlight strays. 

The fondest Tally wish: 

To feast on five fresh fried fish.

Her feline fetish. 

Shadow’s sometimes sad;

To see rich humans act so bad.

Ignore brains they had. 

Charles Wallace Cat:

Has grown a tiny bit fat.

I also share in that.

Luna asks me why

(With her squeaky little sigh)

Won’t nations unify?


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