A new poll revealed the startling data that Latino voters will not be big supporters of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile in other news, readers are saying good things about my new ebook on how to succeed at amateur athletics. E.g.,

“Dr. John Thomas is a deep thinker and deeply creative in his approach to various concepts. It’s not surprising that he can take a topic like sports and unpack it to present it from the point of view of a disciplined and an earnest participant and practitioner. He is a true enthusiast and naturally curious about human breakthroughs at any level.”

“An excellent Kindle book and a really fun read. I learned a lot from the author about my own perspective on work-life balance and what really matters in my mature years. This is an easy page turner Kindle Edition that I couldn’t put down. Great transition between chapters and suitable for all ages. The author is brilliant with his analogies and I learned about golf and tennis.”

“I’m halfway through your book and it’s terrific.  I’ve learned things that I have never thought about.  And, I believe that my tennis game has improved!”

I hope you enjoy it too!  Find out more on my author page:

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