One issue with many of the would-be Republican nominees for President is not that they are not talented; it is simply that they have chosen the wrong profession. Ted Cruz, for example, with a little coaching and experience, might well make an excellent stand-up comic. He could pretty much give the same monologues and keep pretty much the same straight face as he spews errant non-sense. Audiences would pay and roll in the aisles. It would all be in good fun. Trump is already on board with a career in the media. For him, the so-called “Presidential race” offers a chance to boost ratings for his day job. I suspect as 2016 rolls around, many of these clowns will settle into lucrative careers once they realize what they are saying does not have to change. It just has to be said jokingly on SNL, e.g. Who would be left? I would like to see Hilary Clinton run as a quite moderate and reasonable Republican candidate and Bernie Sanders as a Democrat. Then, we could have a reasonable and reasoned debate in the mainstream of American politics. Win or lose, the Republican party would no longer be a joke.