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Grandpa fed the animals first. 





Two very different things. But perhaps they are different only in the very short term. 

When you try to do something that benefits you in some practical way, for best results, use empathy for best results. 

If you are a farmer and eat your own breakfast first, you’ll feel sluggish and you will not be so tuned in to your animals. Sometimes, you might not even do it till much later in the day — when you get around to it. When you feel like it. And sometimes, you won’t feel like it at all. And, the animals might go hungry. But what the hell? They’re just animals, after all. 

Feed them a little less. Feed them a little more irregularly. They’re only animals, after all. 

You may think you are being “practical” but are you? Are you really? Is it so hard to see that caring — really caring about your animals will tend to keep them healthier and easier to deal with? 

Maybe the same thing could be said for the animal in you. Is it possible that sometimes you get so busy with things that you forget to eat right or get enough exercise or take enough time to pet your cats or tell your loved ones that they are your loved ones? Of course, there are emergencies where you do have to go without sleep, or food, and maybe you cannot even see your friends. But is your whole life really just one long emergency? Do the sirens ever stop blaring? Do the drums of war ever stop beating?

My mother’s father and my mother’s mother were both brought up on farms. Many people lived on farms back then. 

My grandfather was practical, and empathic. He was an engineer. He was also an artist. 

He worked hard. And so did my dad. But neither of them felt obligated to work until well into the evening and take work-related phone calls on the weekends.

Things change. I get that. But are we so busy making a living that we forget to make a life? 

Feed your animals first. 


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